Your first visit with us…


















We can’t wait to meet you! The experience starts when you use the online booking system link below or set your appointment up with your stylist, esthetician or nail tech. Your appointment requests will be received by our team and you’ll receive a welcome message back with more details to ensure that your first visit is seamless.

Next, when you arrive at Thrive Salon and Spa 805 S. Neil St in Champaign, you will park behind the building off of Neil Street in the parking lot behind and to the left, it is directly behind the brick one-story building. Then enter the building through the doors on the back side and take the elevator to the 2nd floor. Due to COVID-19, some of our usual amenities will not await you in the entryway until it is safe to but, we are now offering self serve beverages again. Please wear a mask and go immediately to the restrooms to wash your hands upon entry. 


Then your stylist will walk you through a your consultation process. We will plan out, not just your first visit, but a long term plan to ensure all of your goals are met whether for hair, nails, skincare or waxing. Sensitivities, placement and formulas will be custom blended for you and recorded in our computerized database so that it is always ready and waiting for you at each visit.  Please be sure to utilize our wifi on your own device as we will not have magazines or tablets available during this time.


Your hairstylist will create a cut perfect for your face shape, lifestyle and overall goals. Styling tips and tricks are always shared and we will wrap up the visit by sharing our recommendations for at-home care and set you up with your next appointment! Your stylist or esthetician will take any products off of the shelf for you that you want to purchase and pay for and package up for you per his or her recommendation. 

If you are visiting the spa, you can expect the same level of service from our Estheticians. She will go over any concerns, sensitivities, and a plan for your current visit and your future beauty regimen. We recommend you scheduled a Customized Basic Facial for your first visit and based on your consusltation, she will build a custom skincare treatment and go over any pricing changes with you prior to the service. 

We currently offer Reference Of Sweden (REF) haircare line as well as our beloved Pink Hairspray from BennieFactor, Gage for Men and BioElements in the Spa. Our Nail Salon carries OPI & Tammy Taylor.

Book your appointment…


Some of us are independent contractors and that means that we all set our own pricing, timing and schedules. The great news is our contact info is easy to find! How to book: Go to the "Book with Us” tab at the top of the page, choose your service provider and click their photo. The best way to contact him or her will appear at the bottom. Click the "Go To Link" if online booking is offered.


For Online Booking with Lauren, Jessica, Hayley and Jennifer:

Choose who you're booking an appointment for (typically just you unless you are also booking a family member or a friend), then hit next, choose the category of the type of appointment you are looking for, select your services from that list and hit next, choose the date and/or time you are looking for, hit find openings, select the time you prefer. Then you will push the button for register/login! 


You can always take advantage of the call or text options for those who offer it or leave a message with us at the Salon!




What happens next:

Your appointment is approved and you will receive a confirmation text message to the phone number provided. 5 Days and 24 hours before your service, you will receive a reminder email/text message about your upcoming appointment if you booked online.  If you click on the link in the text message, you will see the time of your appointment, our location, phone number in case you get lost, what services you are scheduled for and who your service is with. Verbal confirmation with other stylists would be the other option. 

Directions can be found on our home page! Be sure to park in our lot behind the one-story brick building!